‘Swachh Bharat’ project broadly focuses on micro and macro waste management; to encourage Nasik citizens to follow waste management protocols

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Swachh Bharat

Chinmay Siddha ,  PGDM (Rural Management ) and team

Theme: The project broadly focuses on micro and macro waste management; encourage the citizens to follow waste management protocols in a more innovative and effective way. Designing new technologies, using foreign technology, combining different technologies, creating apps and web portals.

Project Brief One such problem we worked on  is of garbage, to cater this problem we created  a “SMART DUSTBIN FOR HOMES “which will segregate the garbage at the source automatically, this was with the help of sensors, capacitive plates and proximity sensors .For this our team has developed the technology and we have created a 3D digital prototype.

The garbage will be segregated automatically i.e. Dry waste, Wet waste and Metallic waste by the dustbin. We also have developed an end to end system as the garbage which will be segregated by our smart bin, we will be taking responsibility of the garbage and the garbage will be further treated by us ; the dry waste will be recycle  or can be sold off to the dry waste management facilities , wet wasted will be converted in energy and the metallic waste will be recycled

We are also concentrating on ideating of different possible solutions regarding trash tracking, waste disposal, and garbage segregation; Build up garbage management, Water, sanitation.

Work-in status

The project kick started in Kumbhathon 5 , a 3D digital prototype of our smart bin is created and also narrowed down to 4 New identified problems and expected solutions .Also designed the business model canvas for smart bin .

For this we first checked the demographics of Nasik and surrounding areas, primary research visited the Nasik garbage dumping grounds and also interviewed the local authorities then we came up with the problem that garbage segregation is the most crucial and most important, unorganized part of garbage management, collection is not a problem disposal is not a problem when compared with segregation. So we funneled down to garbage segregation an developed a new product technology around it

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