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Entrepreneurship – In today’s world that’s filled with opportunities. Read all about it in Samvad’s January Issue.

Technology and Economies are advancing at a rapid pace today. This has created a million new wants, and thereby a million new opportunities that are up for grabs. Entrepreneurship by itself has acquired a whole new meaning. Entrepreneurial ventures are no longer the prerogative of only a privileged few. Rather, the world today is an open arena for everyone to equally compete in.

According to recent reports by Wharton and MIT Sloan Business Schools, entrepreneurship opportunities and ventures are currently booming in India and are expected to be on a rise in the years to come. Also, the advent of Social Entreneurship and its spread across various parts of the globe, especially India, is something that simply can’t be ignored.

We at Samvad have always believed in delivering the latest trends and advances in the Business World to our readers. And what better way to start a new year, than to provide our readers with all the latest information on Entrepreneurship in a nutshell! In our January issue, we bring to you articles related to Social Entrepreneurship and what it takes to be the God of Entrepreneurship. Right from Entrepreneurship Management, Web and Social Entrepreneurship to Corporate Entrepreneurship and  HR essentials in Entrepreneurship, our January issue has it all. Read about the various hindrances and issues related to Entrepreneurship in India, and also insights into where the need for Entrepreneurship arises from. Find out all about Angel Investors in our WeChat section featuring an interview with Mr. Akhil Shahani, the Director of Shahani Group. Identify if you have an Entrepreneur within you through our article on ‘The 12 surprising signs, you could be an Entrepreneur’.

We continually wish to encourage healthy competition among our readers with our WeChallenge Section. Hope you have an enjoyable and enlightening read!

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