‘Rent My Home’,to take care of the seasonal surge in demand for accommodation during Kumbh

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Rent My Home

Aditya Dasgupta ,PGDM(business design) innovates with his team


Theme:   multiplying seasonal demand for accommodation.

Rent my house is an ecosystem in a form of application solving the accommodation crisis by bridging the gap between the tenant and owner

What is the problem?

  • data Problem arises when one town has a seasonal inflow of crowd for a brief period of time demanding high need of accommodation than the available commercial supply.
  • No vacancy or hike in accommodation price.
  • The visitors or tourists are not aware of the possible alternate accommodation solutions available.
  • This huge gap in-between the demand and supply of accommodation makes it difficult for the visitors to have a reasonable easy accommodation.

How can we solve this problem?

  • We can utilize the local citizen’s house for stay purpose. We are connecting the people who would like to give their house on rent and on the other hand the people who want to get home on rent to stay.We  gathered data of people who are actually ready to give their home or a part of home on rent.


  • Security and trust factors are a hindrance to get voluntary registration in the initial phase.
  • Common question-Why should I give my house to any stranger? How can we trust them?
  • Creating awareness becomes imperative, followed by enlisting.

Work – in Status

  • Application named rent my home is on the development stage, and expected to be launched soon
  • Have an expected entry of 40 rooms as soon as the app gets launched and five flats
  • Campaign Designed, implementation in process

Working on cyber security to secure the from getting hacked


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