Prof Ketna Mehta,Associate Dean- Research,arranges a spiritual journey for people with spinal injury

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While to world was busy celebrating the Women’s day,there was one woman  quietly busy giving finishing touches to the field outing she had arranged for some very special people on the next day . Prof ( Dr )  Ketna Mehta currently serving as Editor and Associate Dean, Research at WeSchool has been  working incessantly  to spread happiness,  optimism and hope of good health among people with spinal  injury by offering innovative rehabilitation services. Her efforts thru NINA foundation have been directed towards  offering  world-class spinal cord injury services encompassing physical, psychological, vocational, social, recreational and spiritual rehabilitation for overall well being of people with spinal cord injuries. After  instituting 25th June as  Spinal Injury Awareness Day,way back in 2009, to educate paraplegics on relevant issues,she has constantly strived to create opportunities  for them to get together  to share issues ,have fun on picnics and live holistic lives as  important and meaningful parts of the society.

NINA foundation had  arranged a religious outing where nearly 100 participants consisting of  people with spinal injury,family members ,associates and trustees visited the Swaminarayan temple and Hanuman temple at Nerul for Darshan and Aarati.The students of  WeSchool who are always so ready to support a social cause, contributed their mite by offering all the volunteer support .And they were rewarded with certificates of appreciation by the trustees of NINA foundation.







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