‘Pop-Up City’,soon to become a reality to house thousands at Kumbh Mela ,Nasik

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Abhijit  Pawar ,PGDM  and team

Theme: we brainstormed the probable options which will resolve the issue of accommodation of 1 million people who will need shelter during Kumbh month. To represent these solutions we choose option of 3D modelling of different parts of the solution & assemble them to form a scaled version of pop up city.

My role in project was to manage a team of 5-6 engineers who were experts in 3D modelling & use local as well other resources to get parts printed on 3D printer or make arrangement for building 3D structure. We were successful in designing and creating 3D soft copy of our solutions in just two days of time which was a great achievement for me and the team.

Work-in Status :

  • Finally, the team is in last stage of prototyping & presenting solutions in front of industry experts & corporate leaders for funding & improvement suggestions in which I am presenting  about features &  benefits of our solutions to the panellists & sponsors.

I would like to mention that last few days of our assignment were true opportunity for us to learn for different experts from different professions & work in team for achieving the target which is much a social cause than a profit gaining solution.


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