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Himanshu Kapadia’s “The Employment Relationship: Crucial Challenges for HR”

May 19, 2011 | Posted by admin in Campus Corner, Student's Speak   18 Comments »
Himanshu Kapadia's "The Employment Relationship: Crucial Challenges for HR”

Today, we are living in the age of change and dynamism. The world as we know it is increasingly changing at a faster pace defined by global competition, faster flow of information , easier communication & increasing complexity of business environment. Dynamic Business Environment:With these rapid changes, new paradigms of business are constantly getting created, [...]

The Best Time to “Start UP” is NOW!

May 19, 2011 | Posted by admin in Alumni Corner   8 Comments »
The Best Time to "Start UP" is NOW!

A true dream is not one that occurs when you’re asleep; it’s one that takes your sleep away. Such a dream then starts to possess you. It begins to run in your blood. Slowly it’s beyond your control to not think of it and then you don’t have a choice. You have to live the [...]

The Story of an Indecisive Person – Parikshit Loke

May 18, 2011 | Posted by admin in Testimonials   23 Comments »
The Story of an Indecisive Person - Parikshit Loke

Yes I am extremely an indecisive person but when I take a decision i stick to it and give my 200% to complete it.The first decision to be made was to join Weli bang or not.Since i had never stayed away from home i.e Mumbai for more than 2 weeks max.How will i spend 2 years [...]

Student Life

Apr 25, 2011 | Posted by admin in Campus Corner   3 Comments »
Student Life

A typical day at the Welingkar Campus begins early. Lectures generally commence at 9 am and end at 9 pm. Students are usually on their toes with assignments and projects that take a better part of their time. The lectures generally last for about three hours. The discomfort if any, is never physical as air [...]

Uday Salunkhe -Unravelling the Mystical Indian Organization Culture – Cues for Globalisation

Apr 18, 2011 | Posted by Dr. Uday Salunkhe in Faculty Talk   No Comments »

Prof Dr Uday Salunkhe, Dr P S Rao, Prof Ms Ketna L Mehta   Welingkar Institute of Management Development and Research, Mumbai*   Indian Culture & effect on Business: Any Organisational policy has to consider the inherent culture of the community that it has as its core employees.  As an example the government owned Airline, [...]

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