“Let Us Save Our Planet for Future Generations”

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Mr. Mike Rann, Premier-South Australia Delivers A Thought Provoking Lecture On ‘Leadership in A Carbon Constrained Economy’ at WeSchool

Mr. Mike Rann, Premier-South Australia is a man with a mixed bag of portfolios .He has also served a record time as South Australian Labor parliamentary leader, having led the party since 1994. He has been a South Australian MP in the House of Assembly since the 1985 election. Rann’s achievements include raising job numbers and lowering unemployment, increasing new project funding, increasing expenditure on schools, university, health and mental illness, increasing Aboriginal employment, making the state home to the largest amount of wind power in Australia, developing hot rock power, and utilizing solar power for the public service. In addition to Premier, he has also served as the Minister for Economic Development, Minister for Social Inclusion, Minister for the Arts, and Minister for Sustainability and Climate Change. These combined with his other many innovations in Health care, Education, social assistance, services to the poor and the fact that it was under his leadership that South Australia set the target to recycle 75 % of its household,industrial and commercial waste  and 90 %of its construction waste by 2010 ,made him the ideal speaker on how to create sustainable environmental resources for a longer and healthier life on our planet. Faculty members, students and dignitaries from academics and industry had gathered at the WeSchool to listen to Premier Rann over the weekend.

South Australia with the world’s largest Uranium, 4th biggest copper and 5th biggest gold mines, is one of the richest mining countries in the world. It is also progressing extremely well   in Biotechnology, Education, Retail, Manufacturing and has taken a lead in developing sustainable solutions in the times where resources are in short supply. A country that has 7% of Australia’s population living in it, it had little or no scope for hydro or thermal electricity because of its geography and climatic conditions.  A renewable source of energy was the only answer, and today South Australia is the largest storehouse of Renewable energy.

“To start with around 3 million trees were planted by school children in Adelaide alone, as we believe that everyone has the responsibility to care for the planet. We do not use Nuclear or Thermal power , but use solar, wind and Geo-thermal powers in all areas. Right from Our parliament, convention centers, residential areas, hundered of schools and colleges, airports operate on solar power because our carbon reduction agenda is absolutely clear” said Premier Rann.

“The Anglican Church, Universities and Industries have signed an agreement to reduce carbon emissions. The people of Australia were encouraged to use solar power, individual homes were fitted with solar panels .The energy produced by these panels when people are at work, gets pumped into the network and is made available where it’s needed. Today every new house in South Australia has a set of solar panels and rain water tanks. Five thousand top polluters have been asked to pay a certain amount of extra tax on carbon emissions Recycling industry is encouraged as it helps to reduce pollution, increases employment and raises economic levels” He added.

“It is not enough for Nations to sign agreements, the states have to lead, not follow the nations. The decisions must be taken at local levels.South Australia is a member of Climate Group of Nations, and the member countries have an obligation to plant millions of trees in their respective countries. Last year in Copenhagen, we pledged to collectively plant a billion trees by 2015. These will act as a sink for carbon emissions and leave a valuable legacy for future generation. Our combined efforts are ensuring economic growth, creating jobs and improving the quality of life for millions of our citizens. We believe our actions will help build momentum towards the ultimate prize, a global consensus on climate change. We don’t look out for economic growth and profit but people and environment as we believe in leaving a safe and healthy planet for future generations”emphasised the Premier.

Every word that the Premier spoke expressed his passion, his innovative approach and creativity, his sense of deep rooted commitment and responsibility to the global cause. Although his efforts are focussed on South Australia; his home country; his concern for the global environment was all too evident in his speech .Ms Denise Von Wald, CEO-Education Adelaide said that “Adelaide is the safest city for international students.Yet, Premier Rann had taken the trouble of writing a personal letter to the six thousand international students studying in Adelaide to assure them and their parents back home that they were indeed safe in Australia” Both the dignitaries were facilitated  by Dr.Uday Salunkh,Group Director-WeSchool.


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