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With three successful editions Samvad no longer needs any introduction. The laurels that Samvad has been showered have proved that it has the potential to stand out amongst the likes of college magazines.

The month of May was significant for all MBA graduates. While few students were making a mark in the corporate world for the first time as interns others were about to complete their internship and preparing for the final placements. The seniors meanwhile were enjoying their last month as students. Amidst tearful goodbyes, some were enjoying their small vacations while others had already begun to get accustomed to the fast pace of the working world.

And yet, Samvad managed to attract quite a few ideas for this month’s issue on ‘Leadership’. And these articles were not only new and refreshing but also brought the creative spark in the authors. We were energized after reading these articles and hope our readers also enjoy the articles with equal vigour.

The articles for this month include ‘Political Marketing’, ‘Leadership in education’, ’Personal Branding’, and ‘At the crossroads’ among many others.


For the June 2012 edition of Samvad, we are inviting articles from all domains – Marketing, Finance, Operations and Human Resources. The theme for the edition is ‘Media and Entertainment’.


Click Here to read the May Edition of Samvad.

And Click Here to download it.


Happy Reading!

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