Social Entrepreneurship and Women

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Ms Antara Bhargava, social entrepreneur and founder- P.A.C.E

The upbeat mood among the new batches found a befitting pairing in the speakers at the foundation. Each one a star in their own right. Today they had with them Ms Antara Bhargava-social entrepreneur and founder of P.A.C.E. Known for her dynamism and social entrepreneurship in Bangalore, Bhargava  traced back her journey  into management studies and later  the corporate. She exhorted the students to be voracious readers. Most of the successful people world has seen had insatiable appetite for reading. Reading  nourishes brain . Also she later recounted her  passion for Mathematics and  Taxation . Her career brought her in close association with many a corporate giant. But once at the top of the corporate hierarchy she realized that there was a world beyond that. Ready to fathom the unexplored and need to self actualize coupled with the urge  to attend to the needs of society, she established P.A.C.E for profit and WOW Kitty for Non-Profit. WoW Kitty  provides micro-finance to rural female entrepreneurs at a zero rate of interest.

The students- you hold the key to the future of the country


The innovative model has seen great traction, with the launch of  nine  new chapters at the end of the first year itself. Bhargava believes her role lies in finding solutions to capital  needs of women entrepreneurs.  The venture for women   has helped women entrepreneurs in procuring materials for their business. Eg . Roti Maker, Seeds, Buffalo etc…and thus women are empowering women.

Stay focused. Be watchful of your entry and exit in the business.Cash is the king . These were a few dictums  by Bhargava  for the young professionals. Sales is so dynamic and versatile an industry,  if you can learn Sales then you can do any job!

Another  interesting observation she shared was that in the corporate world men collaborate easily. However, women due to the competitive spirit amongst themselves, take time. She felt, if women could  help women with collaborations the impact would be bigger.


Later in the day there was a session  titled “common sense approach to investing”  delivered by Mr.Kishore B S and Mr.PrakashChoudhary, from Stock Market Institute, Bangalore. session on Stock Market Games

A Session on Stock Market Games

Also there was a class room session fon stock market games..

The students

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