See confident, Act confident

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See confident, Act confident

Dr Swati Lodha , Author, Speaker and Educator rolled in one,  started off by introducing herself  and start-ups she was and  is still involved in…… one of them being her marriage.

Dr Swati, Founder of SWASH and author of books like ‘Come on ,Get set go’ and ‘Why women are the way they are’   has connected with  the readers across the country and created communities of learners  that really believe in enriching and updating themselves. She has been speaking to youth for last twenty years which keeps her updated and energised. As someone who enjoys being a bridge between Industry and Academia, she was in her elements while addressing the new entrants of various programs at WeSchool.

She started her session with a video clip wherein few people were playing basketball and she requested the audience to count the number of passes made during the game.  At the end of the clip when she asked whether someone saw a gorilla which made an appearance   in between and to the audience’s great surprise, most of them had not only missed its appearance  but  couldn’t point out the gorilla in the video at all. “This clearly shows that human being have  a tendency to do things as directed and taking least interest in doing something on their own. “

Her motivating session took off from there, and had many takeaways:

  1. BE yourself: People want to be like Sachin and Kunal  Bansal and Jack Ma which is being unfair to one’s own self . When you try being like someone else you are letting yourself down. Always try to be yourself and things will fall in place. Inspiration must always be from within; it turns things around and makes everything fall in place.


  1. Be self-aware: You should always be aware of your strengths and weaknesses and always be true to yourself.  You should always be aware of what is best and always try to do those things and you will excel. Having a correct idea about our own competence helps us in taking all the crucial decisions in an objective manner.


  1. Self-regulation: The ability to redirect disruptive impulses and moods. The ability to suspend judgement and to think before acting. Take control of your emotions because easiest thing to do is to yell or shout or get angry at someone.  Criticizing, comparing and complaining will never help us in our workplace or life space but proactive action would.


  1. Must have qualities : The qualities that one must have Trustworthiness and integrity, Comfort with ambiguity, Openness to change and awareness of one’s responsibility to making a  contribution to society

It was indeed great listening to a motivational  speaker Coach on how to channel one’s  inner self and  visualize one’s path to success.








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