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The guest session with Mr. Judhajit Das, Chief Human Resources, ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Company, was an eye opener for young students who have just begun their career journey.

A detailed analysis of the news on politics, technology and international affairs was discussed and students were briefed on the importance of reading the newspaper and how it adds to growing general knowledge and oneself as well.

The discussion started with Mr. Das  sharing his personal work experiences. He was raised in 70’s-80’s in socialist India. Having gone through that phase he recalled the changes in Industrial sector. He mentioned about the excellence that private sector has achieved over the period of years. He spoke about how Indian companies have better than their global counter parts through a sheer excellence of work quality. He cited an example of Indian hospitality sector and the tremendous respect it has earned through  ’Taj’ and ‘Oberoi’ on how these chain of hotels have better service standards versus  European and Asian chain of Hotels. He also said that there is dearth of case studies of these organisations in forms of sharing knowledge.

He put forth rightly the current scenario of job security and how being a profitable employee can be beneficial. He also stressed on role of team players, leader in an organisation of employees across age groups. He gave the students the picture of their future journey from an executive to a lead manager role. He highlighted the challenges they will face at every stage.  He said that leadership is dealing with uncertainty and ambiguity.

He urged the students to challenge themselves by joining a company which will offer more experience and not just pay high salary package.

The session concluded with Q&A from the students to Mr. Das.

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