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Anweshan: Dream…Explore…Discover

The journey of the new entrants to the management programs begins at WeSchool

The business landscape is extremely dynamic and its leaders have to continuously learn, innovate, disrupt and unlearn to stay relevant to the stakeholders of the organisation. In this dynamic environment, one may have to retrospect and reflect to gather all the energy available in order to leap forward successfully into the future. At WeSchool, we nurture our students as global leaders & managers; who have the urge to make a difference and contribute towards their organisation and society, as much as to themselves.

The Foundation Fortnight at WeSchool is an important initiative as  the new entrants to its various academic programs like PGDM-Business Design, Ebiz, Healthcare, Retail, Rural Management,  meet the faculty and staff, their seniors, alumni and their fellow batch mates; learn more about the curriculum; and engage in a host of activities designed to introduce them to all the aspects of management and their new environment. In keeping with the winds of change sweeping through the world bringing India to its centre stage as the next economic as well as educational superpower , the theme for WeSchool’s  foundation fortnight this year is  ‘Anweshan’ for individual’s introspection, exploration and discovery. This foundation fortnight program aims at igniting the minds of students with stimulating sessions canopying different facets of ‘Anweshan’ : Dream – Explore – Discover.

The inaugural session of the Foundation Fortnight at WeSchool saw the gathering of the enthusiastic new entrants to the various program to listen to the inaugural address by none other than Prof Dr Aniruddha Deshpande, Chairman of Rambhau Mhalagi Prabodhini, an academy for the training and orientation of socio-political leaders ,a center for overall public-awakening activities and research projects.

Prof Dr Uday Salunkhe ,Group Director, WeSchool projected a picture of optimism and hope  in his welcome address ,” As the global citizen leaders that are custodians of the future, we must remember that our role  is not just meant for self or for India Inc. but for being the lifeline for the global society. While managing the present, let us selectively forget the past and create the future. Your generation has the responsibility to lay the foundation of future India that is going to be a global leader in the times to come.” Shri S. K. Jain,Chairman, S.P.Mandali and other trustees were also present on this occasion .

Keeping the theme, Dream – Explore – Discover as the focus of his address, Dr Deshpande advised the young entrants to establish a sense of solid personal identity,  “ Learning is all about transformation of self and education is the only meaningful tool to achieve it. Education is the manifestation of the perfection that is already within you. The role of an institution like WeSchool is to progressively unfold the personality to bring out the manifestation of perfection in you. The teacher’s role will be to make you understand yourself and what you can do for the society. The holistic and integral development that will take place in this journey will be the real discovery of self. Be observant in this journey of self-discovery as self-discovery leads to self-transformation.  Make Self-transformation your fundamental goal as this is what will bring the transformation in family, organization, society and Nation; leading to the overall development of all stakeholders. ” Self-transformation is a never ending process, he added.

Speaking about Positive life changes transform each one of us, pushing us forward on the personal evolutionary scale and fostering
some level of self-awareness and growth, and Quoting Dr S Radhakrishanan, Academic-Philosopher and Second President of India, he had the following Mantra to offer,” Be Polite, develop an innovative mindset, Be yourselves, try to create your own space, Be disciplined and Learn to say ‘No’ when needed  to show courage of conviction. Learn to lead by example.”

Touching briefly upon the technology explosion  around us that is creating disruptions in society he said,” Information is not knowledge. We may have information as well as knowledge but do we have wisdom? Knowledge is the accumulation of facts and data that you have learned about through study, research, investigation, observation, or experience. Wisdom is the ability to understand and judge which aspects of knowledge are applicable to one’s life and to the greater scheme of life, it brings deeper meaning and relevance to our lives and creates awareness of the underlying essence of a truth.”

”Don’t blame others for your failures, accept them and move on to do better things .Don’t be afraid, be fearless. Transform your life, transform the environment and become an inspirational human being and transform lives of others.”, he said in his concluding remarks.


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