Entrepreneurial Education


Why do we need Entrepreneurial Education?

The current mismatch between qualified workforce and yet ‘unemployable’ has already attained glaring proportions and skill deficit would be one of the biggest hindrances that are likely to come in the way of India’s renewed growth story in the immediate future.

In India, sectors like Agriculture, Textiles, Hospitality, Travel & Transport, Logistics, E- Commerce, Banking & Financial Services, Infrastructure, Power, and Manufacturing and Defence production, especially with the entry of private investment have been identified as the growth drivers.

What kind of changes we need in education?

Having the ability to surf the changes in the industry dynamics, is now only an entry condition and what is emerging as the key competence for institutional leaders is the ability to spot the changes happening in the periphery, connecting the seemingly unrelated dots and having a deep and considered understanding of how the changing contours would impact the shaping of our young talented students. How best their individual and collective talent could be tapped into, will determine the ease with which, easier alignment with the emerging ecosystem will pan out. The wisdom is to increase the involvement of key stakeholders, to help B schools develop a savvy prescient sense of bringing the emerging tomorrow into the teaching and training processes of today.

Prof Dr. Uday Salunkhe, Group Director, WeSchool on entrepreneurship education: -

Prof Dr. Uday Salunkhe said, “Our students are nurtured through  multiple pedagogical approaches such as extensive Global/Local industry insights, Multi-Disciplinary perspectives through Team teaching, Interdisciplinary team projects /case discussions,   multi-sensing skills through field exercises, risk taking and team working through outbound workshops ,ethical and moral foundation through courses for the mind-body-soul such as Yoga and Vedanta, and application of knowledge and innovative thinking through live corporate challenges and festivals like ‘dmagics’.”

Women towards Entrepreneurship

Prof Dr. Uday Salunkhe contributed towards women-Indian businesswomen are equally capable of managing the rough and tumble of the business world successfully, whether construction, FMCG, infrastructure, retail, IT, logistics, healthcare, manufacturing, consulting or engineering. The environment has changed, but it will always be up to the women to reinvent themselves and their role in business with vision, foresight and planning, ability to see the bigger picture and of course, creativity. They need to use the tools at their disposal with a shared purpose with a deeper meaning, awareness, management of energy, networking and collaboration and define newer roles for themselves that will take them to greater heights of success.

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