Day 6 Neev 2015 – Leadership is Helping the Team Accomplish Set Goals

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2 July – Neev 2015 (Welingkar, Bengaluru)

By now the clouds of anxiety and doubts seemed to be all dispelled. The students seemed to more settled in their thought process and clearer about their future course of action and goals. All they needed was a beacon of light to steer them clear and guide them along through the ups and downs, steering them clear of the pitfalls. And the session with Pradeep Deshpande, GM – Talent Acquisition & Mobility seemed be the perfect answer.

Deshpande, dwelling upon the career framework underlined the quintessential elements -purpose, plan, position and perseverance. He said leadership is not about leading but finding a solution to a problem. To find a solution to a problem a leader should be able to find the right talent. He advised the students to work and collaborate to accomplish the set goals.

Welingkar is one of the pioneers among b schools to offer programs in Design Thinking. Design Thinking, simplified a bit is nothing but human centric approach that puts the stakeholder at the core of solutions, product or services. It does not always tread the trodden path rather more often relies on out box thinking to conjure up solutions that were not even thought of before under the conventional approach. The Design team at Welingkar introduced their subject to the students in a unique and innovative way as the latter were asked to create a chandelier using thread, fevicol and a balloon. Prof Prakash Unakal and Prof Mohan Chandra were at the helm of affairs during the fun packed session.

Under Hands-On the groups were offered to select from activites of clay modelling, Dance, Proto Lab, Music and Theatre. And then each group was given insights into elements of their selected activity. Later the students were divided into teams and given different themes which each team had to enact. And thus afternoon was devoted to a practical and creative learning of activities which all the students enjoyed to the hilt.


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