#Day3Ankuran Key Highlights

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#Day3Ankuran was an interactive day which began with panel discussion – key panelists; Mr.Sujit Sanyal, Vice President & Executive Business; Director, JWT; Mr. Rituraj Sar, Vice President & Global Head – Learning & Development, Lupin Limited; Mr.SharadSaxena, GM – IT,  ICICI Bank; Mr. Amir Choudhary,  Manager – Modern Trade,  Parle Agro Pvt Ltd. along with core WeSchool faculty for Marketing.

The deliberation was kick-started by Mr. Sanyal, voicing his thoughts on how ‘communication and its various platforms’ plays a key role in Marketing. Following which, Mr. Sar rightly put forth that an MBA/MMS degree is like an ‘entry ticket’  into a company and thereon, its how much value one adds to the organization that matters and paves way for future growth. He also gave two key mantras to sail in the business world – First, know how to manage your finances, because “charity begins at home” and secondly, add the fun element to your job – contribute happiness to your company.

Mr. Saxena  advised  students to keep learning and  reinventing themselves to increase their longevity in the industry. He also shared an interesting encounter on how technology changes every decade and one cannot get comfortable or content with his knowledge, which can ultimately doom a career. He concluded by stating the importance of having two CVs – a professional one which shows the growth by experience with time and a personal one which shows the growth in one’s personal interests.

Mr.  Choudhary, an alumni of WeSchool, shared his experience as a student of WeSchool. He stressed on the need to have a plan from Day 1 to know where you want to be heading to after two years and to start working towards it by knowing the industry and the companies in it and the selling point of them.

The innovation and entrepreneurship workshop started off with an intriguing question posted to the students by Mr. Kaustub Dhargalkar, WeSchool, on “Which are the five future technologies that will disrupt the current business models in the next ten years?” and we had a variety of responses from the students like Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Green Energy, etc. He also discussed how business can take advantage of the green energy. There were several business cases discussed – renewable energy and Smart Grids, the problem associated with it and how do we overcome them.

The second half of the day had students participating in a host of activities such as video making, prototyping, origami, fitness, theatre, music and much more. The day concluded with reflections on the the day’s key take away.



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