Day two at Neev -2016, Welingkar,Bengaluru forays into the world of sport and magic

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Mr Charu Sharma

On the second day of the fortnight  the new batch had an interesting session with Mr. Charu Sharma- a multi-sport television commentator and anchor.  Sharma is also known for India’s biggest and most successful sporting revolution – the Pro Kabaddi League.

In his address, he spoke about his passion for tennis.According to  Sharma ‘Everything in Life’ is connected’; he advised the students to have a sound knowledge of their surroundings. They should be ‘all rounder’. It is imperative to broaden one’s horizon . Inculcating diverse skills is good as versatility has its own charm.

While speaking of success – he told the audience that ‘money’ does not define success  which in fact  is too abstract a phenomenon to be defined and qualified, but we know when it happens. A very distinct trait of a successful person, as he shared,  is   the ability to give oneself  up to the cause on hand. Advising the students  to keep negativity at bay, he asked them to have   positive attitude  with radiant personality which can always be developed. He also underlined the importance of team-spirit. A volley of questions was showered on him which he happily answered.

Mr Nakul Shenoy

The second session of the day transported them  to the realm  of magic. It was an interactive session with  Nakul Shenoy – a  famous mind reader, magical entertainer and corporate speaker from Bangalore. Shenoy is a multi-faceted personality: a communication scientist, a usability consultant holding patents, a user experience researcher and an entrepreneur. His  session started  with  ‘The Secrets of Persuasive Communication’ and Rubik Cube. Speaking briefly about his foray into the world of magic/mind reading and his interest in magic, he shared how, in his early years he developed an interest in the same after reading the comic – Mandrake.He was fascinated by the subject and pursued the subject by reading on the same, parallely attending numerous magic shows in the country. This helped him to enhance his knowledge on ‘Magic’ and offered him an opportunity to interact with other well considered magicians. In the process, he developed his own style of magic.

Batch 2016-18

He also advised students to follow/develop a hobby and to learn multitasking in one’s life. Shenoy also emphasized the importance of ‘body-language’ in his talk and told the student how material  it is to understand the same. It was followed by game on mind reading  with  the audience – faculty and students and he left them all enthralled by his act.

The session in progress



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