Be a Go-Giver; always give more then what you received

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Next it was the turn of Pukhraj Shenai, CEO, Lakme Unilever to meet up the new enthusiastic entrants to the various Management programs at WeSchool. Lakmé is the number one Indian cosmetics brand which is owned by Hindustan Unilever. Lakme was ranked 36th among India’s most trusted brands according to the Brand Trust Report 2014 .The company is the title sponsor for Lakme Fashion Week ,  a bi-annual fashion event that  takes place in Mumbai.

As the CEO of one of the topnotch FMCG brands, Pukhraj had many tips on organizational dos and don’ts to share with the young audience. “With the exits of giants like the football sportstar   Lionel Messi, British PM Bob Cameron, Nikesh Arora of Softbank and the near-exit of our own RBI Governor Raghuraman Rajan, June seems to be the month of grand exits as the figures that took the decision of quitting had taken up really challenging roles that impacted the global society and changed lives. People move on all the time .You too will make those choices, make those decisions. The question is not just how to move on but how to do it well.”

In the era where all the real action and fun seems to be at small start-ups and the large companies tend to be regarded as dull and unexciting, Pukhraj had another perspective to offer. “The paradigms of what’s a ‘good job’ and sticking to it are changing. Today’s corporates are looking for those talented young people that are trustworthy, agile learners, networkers, have an entrepreneurial mindset and are result focused. It’s a VUCA world out there, there are SOPs and businesses are looking out for people that can remain result focused in unstructured situations. So be observant, adaptable, flexible, and resilient and keep not only plan A and B but also a plan C ready. You will meet some of the most resourceful people with wonderful business acumen in large companies. Learn from this large diverse community filled with people of all ages. Large companies do not move at a breakneck speed as the start-ups so one has the time to learn, assimilate and reflect.”

As the number of Millennials rises in workforces worldwide, so do their expectations to continuously learn, develop, and advance in their careers. Pukhraj had the following advice to offer, “Improve your self-awareness. Personal values are your choices and preferences about how you want to live your life, understand them well.  People that change their jobs often must learn fast, make great impressions, and improve the bottom line as well.”

“But just as the stalwarts moved on, you too will move on.  Job-hopping was considered as a stigma earlier, but the concept is getting outdated now. Think, why am I moving, and not why not ? Exiting a working relationship is an emotional experience. There is a realization that things are not going to change in the direction as you desire them to and that you need to take the steps to make that change happen. No matter how boring the job has become, it was once taken for all the right reasons. Think about those and whether they’re still valid before you walk up to your boss to say, “I quit.” he added.

“How one act on the decision to leave a job is critical to one’s reputation, career and ability to be comfortable with one’s own self in the long run. Don’t let money decide, look at the entire picture. While you’re heading on to new and exciting adventures, make it easier for your employer by offering to stay on for a reasonable period of time. Be honest about your reasons for leaving but be careful, do not criticize peers or bosses within or outside the company. Take care of the welfare of your team and see to it that their careers are well charted out and managed properly. Be a Go-Giver; always give more then what you received.”

In conclusion, he said, “Don’t burn the bridges. There is always a chance that your new job opportunity may not be so wonderful after all. You may come across your boss or colleagues in a different organisation in the future. So keep the relationship open. Always remembers that for every door that closes, another one opens. Make sure that the door doesn’t hit you in the face on the way out.”




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