Annadan,a traditional concept acquires a new meaning during Kumbh

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Anna ‘– Food and ‘Daan’ – Donation

Karan Kothari and  Mohini Mishra,PGDM

Annadan is a platform which brings together Donors, Self-employed groups (SEGs) and the beneficiaries. Currently the SEGs operate in small unorganized groups. The project aims to collect financial donations from those who want to feed the needy; the SEGs would be involved in food preparation and distribution, which would then reach the beneficiaries by engaging requisite logistics.

We have partnered with various NGOs, corporates, hospitals, orphanages etc and a reward program will be run for the donors for their contribution. The initiative shall not be limited to the Kumbh mela alone; our efforts to reach the deprived are persistent.

Work-in Status:

  • 6 Pilot runs carried out at Civil hospital, Kapaleshwar temple, Muktidham temple – covering 1400 people in the months of January, March, May and June.
  • Digital Media: Website, facebook page, twitter handle, linkedin, instagram and other social media.
  • Database and Tie-ups: 300 ladies in SEG groups, Volunteer list of 50 members, Tieups- 2 NGOs Jeevdaan and Udaan, collaboration with Mr. Vijay Kamath for the dehydrated food mix, Donation points, corporate and individual donors have been identified


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