#AnkuranDay2 with Dr. Gurmukh Advani, a doc with a difference – excerpts

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Day two of foundation fortnight ‘Ankuran’ saw Dr. Gurmukh Advani, Managing Director, Getinge Group, India, a medical doctor who defied conventional logic to begin a career in Medical Marketing and Sales, addressing an attentive and interactive batch of students.  Known to be an excellent orator in the healthcare industry, Dr. Advani, peppered the session with anecdotes and quotes  by visionaries, Dr. A.P. J. Abdul Kalam and Winston Churchill.

Dr. Advani opened his talk by asserting that life is a miracle procreated by two individuals and that’s the genesis of Ankuran. He shared how healthcare products and services preserve the miracle called ‘life’. He introduced his firm Getinge Group and its role in healthcare sector.  He narrated how the team at Getinge Group  is clear about one motto which is ‘saving lives’ .

He shared mantras for SOS (Secret Of Success)  inspired from self experience and lives of successful personalities.

Choose goals with biggest positive impact – Don’t follow the crowd. Kites fly high against the wind.

SMART Goals – Goals should be practical, accessible and  measurable

Write goals down – writing helps you define goals

Think ahead – Think about challenges ahead

Focus – Foresee challenges  and overcome all obstacles

He narrated how Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam had made the nation proud and it was only possible because he never gave up and was passionate and focused on end objectives.

Dr. Advani  concluded with a few lines in Hindi saying, “Siddhiyan unhe mubarak ho jinhe chhat tak jaana hai. Humne to aasmaan chunnai hai aur rasta khud banana hai.”


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